League Notes
Welcome to Season 1 of the Dirt Road Dynasty
Welcome to Season 1 of the Dirt Road Dynasty

Boys and babes, welcome to the inaugural season of the Dirt Road Dynasty Fantasy Football League! In the vast and ever-evolving realm of fantasy football, there exists a subdomain of unparalleled grandeur known as “dynasty fantasy football.” This is a realm where gridiron gladiators and cunning strategists come together, not merely for a fleeting season, […]

Mock Drafts
2024 Rookie Draft Preview
2024 Rookie Draft Preview

In the impending crucible of the 2024 NFL Rookie Draft, anticipation reaches a fever pitch as the gridiron faithful eagerly await the unveiling of a new generation of football prodigies. With talents honed in college and dreams forged on the hallowed turf, these rookies are poised to inject fresh energy into the league’s tapestry. Will […]

 Dirt Road Dynasty Rankings
Dynasty Daddy

Team power rankings determined by fantasy market player values and yearly player average ADP. Also includes team tiers (Super Team, Contender, Frisky, Fraud, Rebuilding, Trust the Process).

Dynasty SuperFlex

Contender and Dynasty rankings based on ESPN, NFL, Fantasy Pros, and Fantasy Calc projections. Also provides a value-based trade history based on KTC, FantasyCalc, and Dynasty SuperFlex values.

Keep, Trade, Cut (KTC) League Rankings

League-Based Dynasty Team Power Rankings, Trade Analyzer, League Overview, Positional Breakdowns, Top Rookies, and more!

Fantasy Football Ranker

Created by a Redditor on /DynastyFF, Fantasy Football Ranker provides roster ranks for the current season, as well as dynasty team rankings.

League Records
Points in Single Game

Silver Sneakers, 157.54 (Week 1)

Highest Efficiency

Silver Sneakers, 94.45%

Player Points in Single Game

Tyreek Hill, Silver Sneakers, 39.00 (Week 1)

2023 Most Valuable Players (WoRP)

Tua Tagovailoa (0.285)

Running Back

Aaron Jones (0.294)

Wide Receiver

Tyreek Hill (0.452)

Tight End

Hunter Henry (0.12)

WoRP is defined as Wins Above Replacement.

Trade Calculators
Keep, Trade, Cut (KTC)

Use the KTC tool to plug in players and future picks to get a value of a trade. Once you plug in the trade pieces, you can send the unique URL to your trade partner so they can see as well.

Dynasty Process

A calculator that uses FantasyPros expert rankings to determine a value in a trade. The calculator defaults to a 12-team league, which you can customize on the home page.